Environmentalist Reaches 45 Million Trees Over 4 Decades

Environmentalist, retired software engineer and musician, Hart Pearson “Sebastian” Cunningham has achieved the impressive feat of planting 45 million trees over 40 years. He aims to reach a trillion trees in his lifetime.

August 19, 2021

Hart Cunningham is on a mission to plant one trillion trees. He has planted more than 45 millions trees in his four decades of experience and is determined to reach his goal. The environmentalist and musician wants to spend the next 40 years turning 45 million into a trillion.

Hart Pearson “Sebastian” Cunningham was brought up by artists who wanted a life that was good for Mother Earth. Hart began his quest to plant a billion trees when he was three years old in Dominica, using local vegetation. He began his love for trees at the age of five, while he was still living in Nova Scotia. By the time Hart was 16, he had planted 740 trees, having joined his Buckley High School Classes of ’93 – ’95 (152 students in total across three years, including Rashida Jones) to spend 14 weeks planting trees on weekends across California.

Hart was a three-term student at The Michael G. Foster School of Business, University of Washington. He wrote his thesis “Economics Related To Humanity and Environment” at 21. This was where he continued his passion for the environment and his love of nature. He returned to California to finish his Master’s in Economics from Claremont Graduate University. He was the youngest recorded to achieve this feat at age 22.

Hart’s tree planting abilities increased with his financial resources. He was the only Ernst and Young three time ‘Entrepreneur of the year’ finalist. He has continued to strive to plant as many trees as possible throughout adulthood. Hart has invested in 19 drones or aerial-focused seed pods totaling 45 million trees. This is after 40 years of dedicated service to Mother Earth.

Hart retired from software architecture at age 38. Hart retired from software architecture at the age of 38. He ran for President (Hart2020), a campaign that focused on reducing income inequality and climate change. Hart now plans to spend the next 40 years pursuing his lifetime goal of planting one trillion trees. With more time and freedom to dedicate himself to this goal, he is determined to do even more to save and support the environment. More personally, he is also invested in his physical health and wellbeing with a focus on contortion.

Hart can be found on Instagram @RydermanM where he shares thoughts and experiences in physicality and spirituality as well as the benefits of connecting to nature. Hart also spends his time empowering music lovers globally, as musician Ryderman. His music can be found on Spotify and Apple Music. His song ‘Stay’ has been streamed more than one million times on Spotify.

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